Puerta Del Sol in Columbia Heights

DWITT / Heavy Table



  1. Moc Duk

    Chipolte deserves a slap rather than a punch. “Natural” or drug free pastured meats are noble, even praise worthy. I find CAFO meat to be vile on principle, but I’ll bend principle for a decent plate of grub. Nothing worse than CAFO and crapola.

    The quest for a decent burrito is worthy. Unfortunately, there are parts of the world where solid braising and bean cookery are par for the course. In da Midwest, we’re weak generally. Thanks for putting Puerta on the radar.

  2. morchella

    PDS is good straight up Mexican food. Last time I was there i had a chile relleno a la carte that was exactly what I was craving- gooey mouthfuls of cheese in greasy eggy batter. Yum. Another great place for Mexican food is Adelitas, just down Central Ave toward downtown.

  3. Sylvan

    I live near Puerto Del Sol and I love it. Perfect portion sizes are accompanied by a really nice, family-run atmosphere. I’m especially fond of the beef tongue tacos.

    Also, be sure to try their guacamole. It really is fantastic!

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