Premier Cheese to Close

Via the email newsletter for Premier Cheese Market: “Sadly, the present downturn has finally caught up to us, and we must end this incarnation of Premier Cheese Market. We will be closing our doors, and our last day of business will be the 6th of December 2009.” (For more on Premier, read our interview with proprietor Ken Liss.)


  1. katie

    They were in the wrong location. Businesses on that side of 50th and France hardly ever thrive. Oh, that they could move elsewhere to a less congested but easy to access area, such as Linden Hills or even 50th and Xerxes.

  2. Jason Walker

    You can get great cheese at the co-op, so the standalone cheese market is a little superfluous. I hate to see it go, though. I always liked the fancy salts you could buy in bulk, too. Never bought them, but always wanted to …

  3. Geoff

    Ken Liss is a really great guy, but I’m not positive that they could have made it work even with a marginally improved location. There still doesn’t seem to be enough of a critical mass of die-hard indie-supporting shoppers in this town who truly appreciate the hands-on owner operated food shops in this town. In our time-pressed lives it becomes hard to steer clear of a bi-weekly costco / trader joe’s / wedge / whole foods / byerly’s run for single upmarket items. Maybe if they had opened up in the heart of Linden Hills, where they would have an instant synergy with Clancy’s, Coffee-Tea LTD, the Co-op and Great Harvest they might have made a longer run of it. maybe.

  4. Kris

    I’m sorry to see yet another cheese shop close (following E’s Cheese in Mendota Heights). It’s wonderful to be able to talk to such knowledgeable people as well as being able to taste test before making a purchase. Both points particularly true if buying cheese as a gift or for a party where you must consider others’ tastes as well.

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