October 30 Tweet Rodeo

@FrankBruni links to a controversial NYTimes article on server “dos” and “don’ts,” @Rick_Bayless lays down the law on the true preparation of carnitas, @JamButter promotes the concept of “terroir” and the many accompanying advantages of artisanal cheeses, @BlueDoorPub wants your vote to determine the newest blucy, and @TangledNoodle provides recipes for pandan cookies, among others.


  1. Maja Ingeman

    I didn’t disagree either — I found it to be pretty well-reasoned — but the wide array of diners and current/former servers reading the article definitely starts a discussion, as can be seen in the 11 pages of comments. I think many diners have the same general standards for service, but disagree somewhat on details like when to clear plates, how to collect the check, etc.

  2. Tom

    Well I don’t know if it’s controversial from the comments, since it’s a lot of people agreeing with the list and a few people who are dead wrong ;)

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