Minneapolis/St. Paul Arrives… on Chowhound, At Least

The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is getting its own message board on Chowhound, making it one of only about 20 metro areas nationwide with a dedicated board. The link (and the board) goes live tomorrow, Jan. 28.


  1. dave

    I used to post on Chowhound untill they started to police their site and pick and choose what they wanted posted. I don’t post anymore and it’s too bad about their practices, as they were THE source to find undiscovered gems in Minneapolis. Thankfully Heavy Table has filled that gap and I hope they continue to be a voice for all the small/independent resaturants out there.

  2. James Norton

    I went to Heidi’s once and got a mediocre entree… therefore, the entire restaurant is mediocre! Oh, wait — that’s using anecdotal evidence to draw unfair, sweeping conclusions. I’m terribly sorry.

  3. dave

    Stewart, I’m guessing James gave you a bad review? I don’t think anyone questions that you are one of the best chefs in Minneapolis. My only point was that I am thankful that a site like The Heavy Table exists. I would love to see more reviews of small restaraunts (especially the burgeoning suburban ethnic scene) but I’m sure there are issues regarding revenue and staff. Even without reviews I find the daily roundup extremely helpful in aggregating information on our local scene which can only draw interest to places like Heidi’s.

  4. James Norton

    Dave, I am humbled by how thoughtful and constructive your comments are. Chef Woodman, I have heard nothing but good stuff about Heidi’s, and there’s no question it’s one of the gems of the local scene. (I’ve only been once, very early on, and liked the food and ambition of the place.)

    Why a guy who cooks at a nationally-recognized level feels that he needs to pop up on Heavy Table and badmouth the magazine as a whole is beyond me — looking past the fact that we’re a small locally owned business, it’s not productive behavior in the slightest. I’d love to debate issues of real substance with you, but all you have to do is look through a few weeks archives and you can tell what we’re about — celebrating the best of food and drink in the Upper Midwest. Does that sometimes include a respected local chef who works for a small upscale chain? Sure. We don’t take a narrow view.

    At any rate, I don’t apologize for the content of my post, but I do apologize for my snarky tone. There are a lot of stellar writers, editors, and photographers contributing to the Heavy Table, and I get defensive when it sounds like they’re being run down.

    At any rate, if subsequent posters want to get back to the real topic at hand — Chowhound and its new board — that’d be swell. If not, well, it’s a free country.

  5. shefzilla

    James you are very defensive without needing to be. This site is fantastic, it’s heart is in a great place, and most of us in the community are very proud of it.

    I was merely responding to dave’s comment that the heavy table is “a voice for all the small/independent restaurants out there.” Pointing out that the days main post ran contradictory to that statement.

    I said nothing about the site, and in no way cast any aspersions on the site. Perhaps you should chill out, maybe smoke a bowl, for some that is very helpful.

  6. dave

    Back on topic…James comment on “It’s a free country” is exactly while I will frequent Heavy Table and not the Gestapo run Chowhound.

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