Meritage in St. Paul

DWITT / Heavy Table


  1. Mike

    Seriously; I don’t get raw oysters. You’re supposed to slurp it down without chewing it or tasting it much. To me, it seems like a waste of seafood that could be deliciously fried!

  2. Kalle

    Freshly shucked, muscle contracting in lemon juice or mignonette, a taste of the ocean, requiring minimal effort and hell some say it’s an aphrodisiac.

    Fried food, hiding behind the breading, with all the pleasure of the fat and the salt and the protein. What’s not to love there too?

    Cold water months make it a nice way to mark the passage of time marking the season.

  3. joe allen

    Ya, no if you’re scared of them you slurp. But they taste wonderful when you chew them. And lightly breaded and pan fried in good olive oil is definitely delicious.

    Meritage is one of our top 5 restaurants in the TC area.

  4. Stu B

    Meritage is our top restaurant in the TC area. Love it.
    Love Russell, love Desta, love every server, and, my guests and I have had the pleasure of being served by every one.

  5. CozierRoll

    Louie is brilliant. If these reviews we’ve seen so far have been like daily comics in the newspaper, I can’t wait to see the big color Sunday Comics version.

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