July 2 Tweet Rodeo

Is new restaurant Risotto the beginning of an attempt to revitalize the construction-torn Lyn-Lake? @HotDishBlog reviews the (affordable!) new restaurant, @Finnegans reports of New Belgium’s (makers of Fat Tire) efforts to decrease carbon emissions, one bike at a time, @MSMarketCoop on Selby changed their hours and expects the new West 7th location to open July 16th, @The_Wedge is partnering with neighbor Hum’s Liquors to offer 10% off select wines and support local business (a.k.a. not corporate giant Trader Joe’s, slated to move in down the street), and in honor of the holiday, @CocoaAndFig has perfected red, white, and blue peanut butter pops (!!!), on sale today at Nicollet Mall.