July 14 Tweet Rodeo

Want to cut down on your carnivorous eating habits? @Atlantic_Food promotes the “Meatless Monday” pledge, @CommonRoots just harvested fresh broccoli from their garden for a deli salad, @Aebleskiver launches a new blog (still pretty new but there’s a promising recipe for homemade Irish cream), @318Cafe cooks up a raw foods dinner this Sunday, and @UptownMarket links to a Simple, Good and Tasty article on the process that brings CSA food from the farm to your table. If all these veggies have you jumping back on the bacon bandwagon after your Meatless Monday — never fear! @HotDishBlog reports that a ready-made, prepackaged “Bacon Explosion” is now for sale — no more DIY artery-clogging craftsmanship required.