Jan’s Chow Mein For Sale

$80,000 and a montly rent of $1,600 gets you this hole-in-the-wall Chinese joint at 2924 Chicago Ave South. Somebody — and it may have to be us — should do a long story on the ecology of the Cities’ many, little, interchangable Chinese restaurants that just keep soldiering on. And does anybody still eat chow mein?

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  1. Mark Gisleson

    That’s it — rub it in. Until I went gluten-free this winter, chow mein was my #1 comfort food. Before Americans had ever heard of Thai food, chow mein joints were pretty much it in the upper Midwest.

    So while I’d be glad to debate dipping sauces for spring rolls with you, just remember that when push comes to a cold and comfort food, my thoughts will always turn to chow mein and too much soy sauce.

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