In the Wake of a Chef’s Death

Anna of True Thai has written a long, passionate blog post that tunnels deep into the ongoing controversy over the hit-and-run death of her restaurant’s head chef, Anousone “Ped” Phanthavong. It’s a corker. In part, it addresses alleged media bias (in defense of sportscaster Joe Senser at the expense of the victim’s story), the tension between “lawyering up” and telling your story in public, and the qualities that made Phanthavong a good cook and a good person. City Pages has taken a crack at commenting upon it, but the original text is worth reading before plunging back into the ongoing legal story as it unfolds at MPR, WCCO, and elsewhere.


  1. em

    This is really tragic, to hear people so blatantly covering for the Sensers and about the lack of media interest in hearing from the Phanthavong family. I can only hope that the Phanthavong family gets the peace they’re looking for.

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