How Wanderers Wonderous Azian Kitchen Was Named

Stephanie Pituc shares a courageous recollection of the Azia-closing and Wanderers Wonderous Azian Kitchen-announcement PR event last week. It’s a piece on naming, pronunciation, and culture. “My therapist’s intuition picked up on a sense of embarrassment in the air…”


  1. Paul Boyum

    Oh, My so sad all of the hate I seen spewed, from cocchannel and grc, about a man, and his assistant, who have never been guilty of doing anything but employing and serving many fine people in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Metropolitan area.
    I was Thom’s General Manager for many years and I will be the first to tell you that Azia ,Thahn Do, Temple and Wanderers will, and have, served only the finest quality cuisine, beverage and atmosphere.
    I normally do not get involved in restaurant wars and gossip, but I feel that I needed to finally comment on the negative bloggers.
    It appears to me that someone is very jealous of, was let go(maybe by me), or is personally attacking thom and one of his employees for no good reason.
    Mr. GRC and CocoChannel seem to know more than Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys about Thoms business licensing. How? I do not know? However, GRC and Coco, I can give you the names of the city officals you would need to speak to find out this information and it will not be Mayor Rybek.
    So little boys, Change your diapers and let the adults dine out.
    In becoming an adult you will find that Thom and I, in my opinion, only demanded one thing from the employees and that is that they try their hardest to exceed everyone’s expectations. It is not just the servers who accomplish this. It is the kitchen staff, book keeper, wait assists, bar backs, DJ entertainment, purveyors and so on. If you are not willing to try your best; then you need to leave. Again, you do not need to know everything, you just need to try your best and you , as well as the rest of trying along side of you, will succeed. Thom, will succeed. GRC and COCO, the next time you put in an 80 hour work week, then you can comment, but I doubt you have because only a person committed to their passion, and not a quick buck, would do this. I have experienced your kind of negativeness in this business before and I can only say that I am truly sorry for the company you know work for.
    As far as a bad experience in a restaurant, Thom is the first one to admit mistakes, apologize sincerely and see it as an opportunity to better himself, his business and his guests overall experience.
    Coco and GRC , I hope you have enjoyed being schooled in restaurant 101.
    Enjoy – Paul Boyum

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