Gastro-Whirl 2 at the Modern Cafe

Last year, Gastro Non Grata added their own gourmet spin to Northeast Minneapolis’ Art-a-Whirl weekend with a modest party in the Modern Cafe’s parking lot. This year, they returned with an even bigger event, with double the bands, even more pork, and Fulton Beer pouring their IPA for the crowd.

Official Gastro Non Grata belt buckle. Cold, hard service industry cred. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
Band line-up for the day. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
The beginnings of the Pabst Blue Ribbon mural on the wall behind the Modern Cafe. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
The Modern's 16-foot concrete block barbecue pit, built especially for the event. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
Jeff Mitchell and Craig Drehmel interviewed by MPLS.TV. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
Gastro's freak flags flew at the merchandise table. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
Carnitas taco with Raleigh's salsa and all the fixin's. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
The bouncer was contractually obligated to stay in that exact spot for all 9 hours. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
A mess of tacos. Pork was from Six Point Ranch and served with queso fresco and pinto beans. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
Mitchell sitting on the extra merchandise. The day quickly began to deteriorate from this point forward. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
International Espionage, your neighborhood purveyors of spy rock. Exceeded everyone's expectations of costumed musicians. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
This guy just showed up and interpretive danced his way into all of our hearts. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
Cokewolf just screamed at us a lot. Soleil Ho / Heavy Table
It turns out that the PBR was growing tentacles? Soleil Ho / Heavy Table


  1. geoff

    I might get assasinated for saying this, but Inertational Espionage looks an awful lot like The Birthday Suits in spy drag.

  2. gastro

    I am sooooo tired today. What a great whirlie weekend of fun. There were so many great events going on, it was nice to be a part of it.

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