Five Things You Should Be Doing On Labor Day Instead of Reading the Heavy Table

Celebrating Local Food Workers
Oh, now you want specifics on how to do that? Well, although this violates the spirit of this article’s title, how about reading about hard-working Upper Midwestern cheesemakers, farmers, bakers, beekeepers, or brewers…? And then buying their wares.

Baking Bread
If the calendar gives you a free day, give your friends and family members fresh-baked bread. Few things say “love” or at least “warm regard” more viscerally or usefully. (And if you can lay your hands on spent grain, try our Spent Grain White Bread.)

Kissing the Fair Goodbye
As usual, the State Fair has been oppressively glorious — even from just a gastronomic perspective, holy moly! So much good food, and so little time! Head out and get one last taste.

Picking Apples
It’s getting to be that time of year, believe it or not. Call ahead and do a bit of research — only a few varieties are ripe at this point, and some orchards are definitely better than others. Or less like theme parks, at any rate.

Canning the Last of Summer
Take your farmers market spoils — you’ve got some, yes? — and get canning. There are nine to 11 months of winter headed our way, and we’ve got to eat something other than pizza and bacon. At least in theory.

What? Oh.

Honoring the Workers of America, Regardless of Their Professions

That should probably go without saying.