February 24 Morning Roundup

Jade goes out of business at Midtown Global Market (go to the Chowhound thread for back-and-forth about the super-scary neighborhood it’s in), a seismic shift in Wisconsin cheese shop country, thoughts on the specialty beer “ghetto,” Crystal recounts her adventures as a Cub Foods VIP, Rachel reflects on Szechuan food, the sheer joy of a manual meat grinder, and meditations on a walleye taco.


  1. Chris__

    “go to the Chowhound thread for back-and-forth about the super-scary neighborhood it’s in”

    Good God, really? That neighborhood was bad in maybe, 1985? I read something after Midtown Market opened, crime went down a *lot*. People see folks different from them and it’s like they flip out. (The housing over there is a perfect example of how to fix some of this perception-driven stuff: putting million-dollar condos right next to lower-income units)

    For better or worse, that’s why light rail is absolutely needed over there. The Midtown Market is a treasure; there needs to be a way to feed people there easily (driving a car through 7000 stoplights is not easy) so folks can drop in for the day and get back to Edina …

  2. Soleil

    I’ve never been mugged or anything like that in that area… but then again, I don’t look like I’m from Edina.

  3. James Norton

    I know, it’s nuts that it’s even an issue. But I think there’s a (possibly suburban?) delusional mentality wherein if you’re on East Lake Street, you’re basically in a free-fire zone.

  4. kassie

    They shut down the comments about the neighborhood. Too bad, I would have loved to see them. Especially since there is a parking ramp directly across the street that is staffed during open hours and security guards first thing when you walk into the building. So scary. Like Mall of America.

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