Dan Aykroyd at Byerly’s for Crystal Head Vodka

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table
Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

“Santa Claus is here!” exclaims a baseball cap and shades-wearing Dan Aykroyd as he bursts into the Byerly’s Wine and Spirits Shop in St. Louis Park. But the comedian/actor/singer is not in town to perform stand-up, he’s promoting his newest distilled venture, Crystal Head Vodka, autographing the bottles and other movie memorabilia that fans have brought with them. Even after waiting for two hours or more in a line that wound through the liquor shop and through the adjacent store’s aisles, the crowd would not let the Friday weather dampen the mood.

Inspired by the legend of the thirteen crystal skulls, perfect and unmarked yet carved skulls of pure crystal quartz said to contain universal enduring power, Crystal Head Vodka is free of additives, quadruple distilled and filtered through herkimer diamonds — AKA quartz crystals — before being bottled in a clear, skull-shaped bottle. Or, as Aykroyd says in his CrystalHeadVodka.com video: “[Crystal Head Vodka is a] luxury vodka, in a cool bottle – manufactured to bring you a truly non-enhanced pure spirit.”

Crystal Head Vodka ($49.99 a bottle) is available exclusively at Byerly’s Wine and Spirits locations while supplies last.


  1. Wiz

    It’s not available exclusively at Byerly’s, it’s also available at Haskells locations; he promoted his vodka and wine on Saturday at Haskells Minnetonka.

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