Create the Next Crispin Cocktail

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table
Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

The Crispin Cider Company of Minneapolis is inviting aspirant and expert mixologists and hard cider fans to create the next great Crispin cocktail. The clean-finishing, natural apple flavor of Crispin plays well with almost anything — the possibilities are both numerous and refreshingly delicious.

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table
Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Summer’s around the corner, so we’re particularly looking for refreshing cocktails that complement either a backyard BBQ or a sophisticated restaurant meal.

Enter in one or both of the following categories:

Lazy Bartender — The most creative two-pour cocktail. That means Crispin + one other beverage + serving suggestion + an optional garnish.

Creative Mixology — Anything goes.

The winner of each category receives a $75 gift certificate to MGM Liquor stores.  Two runners up will receive Crispin Gift Bags.

Submit up to two recipes for the next great Crispin cocktail by midnight Sunday, June 21 to:

Rules And Other Details:

We’ll publish the two winning entries and the two runners-up.

Cocktails should have a name, a list of ingredients and garnishes, instructions for how to prepare the drink, and clearly defined measurements — either a ratio, or shots / teaspoons / tablespoons / jiggers / etc.

Attach a photo of your cocktail if you wish; it’s not a requirement. Photos may be published if the submitted cocktail wins a prize.

Specify whether you’re using Crispin Original, Brut, Light, or some kind of mixture.

The contest runs from today (May 26) until midnight Sunday, June 21.

A winner will be announced in early July.

Crispin Cider Company & Heavy Table staffers are not eligible.

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