Coming Soon: The Olive Grove Olive Oil Company

Looks like the trickle of olive oil and vinegar flowing into the Minneapolis-St. Paul area is becoming a fountain: The Olive Grove Olive Oil Company is slated to open the week of Oct. 5 at 720 Main St. #105 in Mendota Heights. It joins the already open Annona Gourmet and the soon-to-open Vinaigrette at 5006 Xerxes Ave. in Minneapolis.


  1. HungryinSW

    Seems like the landscape is getting crowded for this type of endeavor. Hopefully each of the stores has a hook to keep them differentiated. I’d love it if our food community could support all three! If nothing else this new spot gives me another place to check out when I head to Buon Giorno in Lilydale.

  2. Kris

    I wonder if it’s going into the former E’s Cheese space. If so, I hope they have better luck. I miss my cheese.

  3. Geoff

    Upon certain restaurant / food opening announcements, I’m struck with a feeling of, “damn, wish I’d thought of that goldmine” (Brasa comes to mind). Other times I read these things and wonder, “do people in this economy really still have $250,000 to spend in order to share their hobby/passion with others, but in the absolute wrong format?”. And this is clearly one of those times.

    A niche olive oil store might work in lower Manhattan…but in Mendota Heights? I mean, how many people per week will take time out of their busy day to add an extra store to their shopping routine when they view EVOO as just another ingredient? Doomed. There are so many other less-heartbreaking ways to lose money than this. Hell, donate it. Who’s behind this? Can we get an intervention?

  4. Sandie

    I’m so excited to hear this. I think that’s the newer development on HWY 110 and Dodd Rd. Based on the website, it sounds like a store I went to in Fish Creek, Wisconsin where everything is out for sampling.

  5. Lynn

    Hey Geoff, are you kidding? I can’t wait for the Olive Grove to open. I have been to similar stores in the Chicago suburbs and they are always busy, and for good reason. The different varieties of olive oil and balsamic vinegar are great, no matter what kind of cooking you do. And the prices are cheap. Good luck Olive Grove!

  6. jean

    C’mon over to the already open Annona Gourmet in St. Anthony and see what it is all about. The differences in really good oils & vinegars are amazing and your food tastes so much better, not to mention the health benefits of olive oil. We’ve been open for 8 months already – what are you waiting for?

  7. Jan

    This sounds like a great idea and a great location! I can’t
    wait. When does it open? I lived in Italy and believe me,
    there is a huge difference in quality oils!! See you soon.

  8. Rocio

    I will be trying this place out. I wonder if they will have recipes to make with the different flavors of olive oil? I think this would make a great Christmas gift to send to my friends who are not so lucky to have a store like this where they live.

  9. Natalie

    Jan – we will be opening the week of October 5th. Sign up for our e-newsletter on the website ( and you will get an update when the doors open, and future updates and specials we will have. And you’re right, quality makes a huge difference! We look forward to seeing you soon.

    Rocio – We will have many, many recipes. I have tried all of the flavored oils and vinegars we will carry and have plenty of cooking ideas to keep you busy in the kitchen. Blood orange olive oil on white fish, Balsamic mashed potatoes, Tuscan Herb olive oil with pasta, and Persian Lime olive oil on chicken for tacos to name a few. Mmmm! We also carry 4-bottle sample packs which would make a great gift idea for your friends who don’t live nearby. We’ll see you next month!

  10. Ken

    The doubters will be really surprised to see how well your new store is going to do. Mendota Heights and the St. Paul areas are going to find your store a great addition to the business community.

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