Cafe Twenty Eight in Linden Hills to Close

Cafe Twenty Eight, a popular cafe that opened in 2002 in Minneapolis’ Linden Hills neighborhood, will close, likely at year’s end, after its lease was not renewed. Ready for a new challenge, owner Linda Haug said she had been looking to hand off the restaurant for the past couple years and had planned to sell the business to longtime employee Russ Conlon, but landlords Joanne and Tom Ellison had chosen not to renew the lease under Conlon. Haug, whose husband is Surly brewmaster Todd Haug, had hoped that under Conlon the business would remain practically unchanged. Cafe Twenty Eight is known to draw Surly fans from across the country who arrive knowing it will have the brewery’s latest on tap alongside a modestly priced, locally sourced menu. For more on this story, read the Oct. 25 edition of The Tap.


  1. Mikey

    This really makes me sad, I didn’t get there nearly as often as I wanted to but I really enjoyed it each and every time I was there.

  2. Lori

    Joanne and Tom Ellison sound awesome, don’t they? Although I know Linden Hills is popular and it won’t happen, I would LOVE it if they found no one to lease the space now. Without Cafe Twenty-Eight, they wouldn’t have had the traffic in the spot that they do. And Tilia might not have been. Really sad!


    Very sad to hear. I’d heard that they had hoped to sell the business to the employees but it’s sad to hear that they building owner won’t allow it. I wish Linda the very best in her next venture. I’m sure it too will be a great success. Until then, I’ll keep dropping into Cafe Twenty-Eight regularly for lunch and a couple Surlys.

  4. Coffee and Tea

    We will miss Cafe Twenty Eight! Very VERY sad to see you guys go, we couldn’t have asked for more awesome neighbors!! Grander days lie ahead…

  5. andy

    A place my family & friends love to visit when we come up from KC. There will be a very sad void we we come up for lunch on Darkness Day 2012! Thanks Linda!

  6. BrianJ

    Sad. I would imagine a lot of you are like me in that you go to a lot of different restaurants always looking to try something new and because of that only have a few that are in your regular rotation.

    Cafe Twenty Eight has been my most frequented restaurant. I’ll miss the Surly taps, the great service, the pork en adobo and the guac, the calamari, the charming space and maybe as much as anything I’ll miss having a sophisticated restaurant that welcomed my three year old daughter.

  7. Marge

    Cafe Twenty-Eight provides a perfect blend of delicious food, classy, yet comfortable atmosphere, and friendly staff. You will be very sadly missed! Thank you for the many wonderful meals I have enjoyed with my friends and I wish you all the very best.

    What a loss for the neighborhood! It leaves one wondering whether the owners of the building realize how dear their tenant is to the hearts of many who frequent Linden Hills. Please reconsider!

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