Build Your Own Oven

On the heels of the cool Trout Caviar oven, a practical learning experience for the public at large: $200 gets you access to a three-day learning experience (Aug 7-9) sponsored by the Women’s Environmental Institute wherein a group builders and bakers will gather at the WEI farm to learn the skill of outdoor brick oven building. Participants will join in the construction of oven walls with firebrick, calculating and building the dome, and finishing the front with decorative brick. Each participant will receive written instructions, including photos, for building the foundation, hearth slab, and block walls, along with ideas for finishing the exterior. Participation is by RSVP only — call for more information¬† (651.583.0705) or send an email to


  1. jeff ginsberg

    I want to open a chicken restaurant. Not sure where to purchase used large rotisserie type oven with a open flame at the bottom of the oven. I am in Oklahoma. Maybe you can help me.

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