Best Bacon Ever(?)

Awe-inspiring meat supplier Venison America (of Hudson) is selling Niman Ranch bacon in 2.5 pound packages of frozen strips for $4.95/pound. Their description: “Applewood Smoked, ‘The Best Bacon Ever.'” And they’re also vending rabbit for $4.35 a pound, as long as you’re expanding your carnivorous horizons…


  1. HungryinSW

    Doubt Niman Ranch is the best bacon ever, but it has Hormel whipped. Good to know where I can find another rabbit source. the only place I’ve found it is Byerly’s and it’s pretty pricey. If you haven’t tried it – it’s actually quite good. Fell in love with it on my first trip to Italy, though I was a bit hesitant at first.

  2. James Norton

    Had rabbit a number of times at various restaurants, and I’ve always enjoyed it — never experimented with it at home, however. These prices definitely make it practical to do so, I must say.

  3. Deano

    I checked under Smokehouse and Big Game> Venison and don’t see the Venison sausage. Even though I did see a wild boar bacon that looked interesting.

  4. Kris

    My vote for best bacon has to go to Amor Pork’s thick cut bacon, which can be found at the St. Paul Farmers Market monthly. I’ve also purchased rabbit there, possibly from Bar 5, for a wonderful Easter animals pot pie.

  5. Tom Taylor

    I must chime in here and offer up Pastures A Plenty’s smoked bacon as the best pork belly I have had the honor of laying in an iron skillet. Pastures A Plenty also produces a nitrate-free bacon please make sure to try the smoked version. I know it is available at Eastside Food Co-op in NE MPLS on Central AVE.

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