Aaron Landry

Aaron is the Co-founder and was the Producer of the Heavy Table. Born and raised outside of Stillwater, Minnesota, he has called both Saint Paul and Minneapolis home. His personal site is aaronlandry.com

Burger Jones to Honor “Naughty Pilots”

Fresh off the heels of news that pilots illegally landed on Lake Calhoun to grab lunch at Burger Jones, on Sat., Jan. 16th, Burger Jones will serve a “Mile High Club Burger” and accept donations for the General Aviation Legal Defense Fund. Meanwhile, the mayor requests “that people not land any more planes on Lake […]


Black Friday Starts Early

If you’re not busy cooking and instead starting your holiday shopping from the convenience of your pajamas, we have on good word that Amazon is dropping prices on this KitchenAid Stand Mixer at noon today. The professional model already is low this weekend. As well, this steak knife set is having its price fall at […]


Who Are We Not Following?

Do you know of a good local food- or beverage-focused blog we’re not reading? Are you a Midwest-based journalist with a food column we’re not linking to in the sidebar? Do you Tweet about restaurants and we’re not following you? Do you have a tumblelog about food and we’re not friends yet? Do you take […]


Restaurant Server Don’ts

The New York Times’ Bruce Buschel is making a list of 100 things his restaurant staff should not do and published the first 50. Waiter Rant responds. (Also see the Heavy Table’s 25 Things Diners Hate About Restaurants and the 25 Things Chefs Hate About You.) [via Kottke and Yoshi in the comments]