August 28 Non-State Fair Roundup

Lenny Russo makes an (idle? totally serious? half-serious?) threat to move Heartland to Minneapolis if St. Paul over-regulates food, Katie likes Volnay a lot less than we did (flagging the service as “flakey, unknowledgeable, and unprofessional”), the best story you’ll read all month about a stuffed artichoke, a Dutch apple pancake (these things are amazing) at Jonesinforfood, the GOP warns fairgoers not to spend money at Grandstand Donuts which funds the DFL (thereby encouraging DFL supporters to spend money at Grandstand Donuts, which funds the DFL), Martha and Tom blow a smoked beer / salad pairing, and Sue Doeden bakes up some yummy-looking Teeny Peachy-chini Muffins.