August 17 Tweet Rodeo

Can there be too much of something as good as a cupcake? @SavorTheThyme reports on a 1224-pound, 2 million-calorie cupcake that made the Guinness Book of World Records, @MplsFarmMarket suggests trying water spinach (and tells you how to serve it), @SurlyBrewing will release previously draft-only “Hell” on Wednesday at Moto-i, @Rick_Bayless instructs you how to remove the needles from a prickly pear and receives a myriad of ideas for using lemon verbena, and watch this video: @Atlantic_Food links to a story of an unorthodox kitchen and a lot of ingenuity.


  1. Kris

    The new part of Hell is that this year, in addition to kegging it, Surly will be canning it in some spiffy looking cans.

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