Andy’s (Surreal) Garage AKA Mabuhay

Lori Writer / Heavy Table
Lori Writer / Heavy Table

Jucy Lucys. Spaghetti and meatballs. Asian buffet. Sunday brunch. Breakfast served all day. Authentic Filipino cuisine. Chicken and Ribs. Wings. Catering. All this… and more… appears to be in store at the old Andy’s Garage location at 1825 University Ave. in St. Paul. The overall thrust of the signage seems to be that Kenny’s Chicken and Ribs is back, but that clarifies very little.

Attempts to reach the establishment and decode the sign forest were unsuccessful, so we’re welcoming insight, speculation and/or commentary from our readership.

UPDATE: A visit to the mystery restaurant uncovered a few salient facts.

The place is an American/Filipino place called Mabuhay, and it’s been open for two weeks. They claim to be doing a brisk delivery business in the neighborhood.

Kenny is the owner, and the chicken and ribs were apparently on the menu of a restaurant he owned many years ago in White Bear Lake.  His wife is Filipina.

The beef afritada, $8.99, was a hearty, homestyle beef stew with potatoes, peas, carrots, red and green bell peppers and a dollop of white rice.  Very comforting, not challenging. The cassava cake ($3.50) was a very dense, barely sweet cake with a strong coconut flavor.

Mabuhay means “welcome”, “hello,” “long live!” or “greetings,” and is derived from Tagalog.

UPDATE, JUNE 10, 2009: Mabuhay is now closed. It was a brief, wild ride.

Lori Writer / Heavy Table
Lori Writer / Heavy Table


  1. Joshua

    This is right around the corner from my house, so it’s great to have the space filled and in use again. I do agree that the signs outside are a bit much, but over time it might become charming–when the light-rail cars go by, that neon might catch some attention. I look forward to giving their food a try.

  2. Isabela Magsino

    I was very excited to try this place. The buffet looked like it was boiling since lunch. We tried to order what was on the menu but the waitress said they don’tcook it.

    Cassava cake was served fresh from the microwave. Just ok.

    You guys could do better! The waitress was very nice though. Wish the Filipino owner would have hands on her business. I think more customers would be more interested and will go back.

    Good luck!

  3. Mike

    Are there any Filipino restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul?? After the last review of 3/28/09, it doesn’t sound like this place is one.

  4. cathy

    i hope all that resd this listen carefully, i worked for this restaurant for 2 months before opening till march 24th 2009.
    the owner has not yet set up payroll, he’s been trying to pay everyone cash and got very far behind. he’s paying no workers comp, unemployment tax, or social security, no with holdings what so ever, i went to the department of labor and department of revenue, both are now investigating. i was fired after the owner found out that i contacted the state. i do hope that all will remember this when thinking about dining at this place.

  5. Disappointed

    I was excited, hearing a filipino restaurant had came to town. I ventured to that side of town on Saturday for an early dinner. Major disappointment! Looking at the menu, I was disappointed, there was maybe 7 or 8 filipino dishes! So I just decided to go with the few choices but, to my suprise they didn’t offer the filipino dishes! Sad! Only for lunch buffet! Cmon now! Change the name! Take down the Filipino flag! It’s not filipino, your only serving fried chicken and ribs! Change the name! It’s very misleading!

  6. against Mabuhay

    Do not patronize this crooked business.
    The owners are con man and woman! They are VIOLATING LABOR LAWS by not paying their employees – since Day 1 !
    The food in the buffet sits out ALL day, their products are disgusting and the garbage piled up outside is so repulsive they obviously don’t pay the garbage bill either!
    Kenny, the american side of the ownership sits his 400 lb. ass at the counter all day thinking of new tacky flourescent signs to post in the windows that after a day are invalid advertising.
    I wouldn’t want my dog to eat this food.
    These people are ridiculous and are digging a deeper and deeper grave for themselves.

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