A Reader Asks About Salsify

A reader writes: “I’m looking for a source of salsify in the Twin Cities – preferably fresh but jarred would do.  I see salsify on the menu at places like LBV and 112, so I know it can be gotten, though maybe not as easily through retail channels.” Any thoughts?


  1. sd

    I’ve purchased some within the last year from Mississippi Market — but I have no idea if they can get some now. Might want to give them a call, though.

  2. sd

    Oops — correction. Saw it (and bought it) at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market. The vendor was surprised I knew what it was. Sorry for the wild goose chase.

  3. Yael Grauer

    Been looking for it everywhere myself and can’t find it. Someone at the Seward Co-op told me they had it at United Noodles, but no luck. I actually live in Western Wisconsin and can’t find it here either…

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