1/2 Price Frickles and July 15 Tweet Rodeo

Craving a @SPClassicCookie carrot cake cupcake? Today’s the day for a good one; @ArtSpaceUSA covers St. Paul consideration of wider sidewalks near cafes, @BlackDogStPaul adds Brau Bros. Strawberry Wheat to their list, get your @TownTalkDiner kitchen sink burger and frickles for half price with today’s deeply discounted DealStork offering (via @HeavyTable), and @KingfieldMarket plans to expand next year.

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  1. Brian Ames

    thats terrible news about kingsfield market saturating saturdays with a new market. seriously folks we’re watering down the markets to the point some of us can’t justify sending an employee or doing a market ourselves anymore.

    just running to more markets to get the same piece of revenue pie slice thats getting sliced into thinner and thinner pieces.

    i can see the potential in the near future Ames Farm will not be doing many more farmers markets.

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