The Left Handed Cook in Midtown Global Market

DWITT / Heavy Table

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David Witt

David Witt, aka DWITT, is a Saint Paul-based Illustrator. He's the official artist of the Zombie Pub Crawl, The Beer Dabbler, The Growler, and writer/artist of Louie the Loon. David's a founding member of the Squad 19 Design Collective and the Back Alley Gallery and his illustrations, paintings, and screen prints have been exhibited around the globe and reproduced in books and publications including The Art of Modern Rock, I Want Your Skull, German collective Bongout’s anthologies, and the series of graphic novels he’s illustrated for Lerner Publishing.

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  1. Leah 08/10/2012

    LOVE the Left Handed Cook. Their edamame is so, so good. I also love the bop bowls!

  2. I checked this place out today. It must have been an off day.

    I had a Short Rib Bop Bowl. The short rib was cooked perfectly but was bland! A little seasoning would have gone a long way. Also, too much rice and not enough of the other ingredients. The Parmesan truffle fries sounded good. However, the fries were out of a Sysco bag. There is really no excuse for not hand cutting fries anymore. I also tried their soft shell crab sandwich. There was a tiny crab and way too much bun. The 21 spice chicken tenders were also a disappointment. My girlfriend commented that for having 21 spices, they didn’t taste very spicy.

    We left our $37 meal mostly uneaten and started over at Sonara Grill. Sonara Grill is legit. Left Handed Cook needs improvement.