Moroccan Flavors at the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis

Moroccan Flavors in Minneapolis illuminates a cavernous corner of the Global Market with bright, nourishing food.

Vegetable Tagine and Recipe Roundup

Figgy mushroom pizza with Wisconsin blue cheese, savory cheddar chive waffles, vegetable tagine, and baked mini pumpkin doughnuts.

Fruited Goat Tagine and Recipe Roundup

Mango sticky rice, paprikash, FanFrikkinTastic pulled pork, smoked fish and spinach quiche, Big Bowl’s hot and sour soup, and fruited […]

Red Velvet Pancakes and Recipe Roundup

Red velvet pancakes (from the Herb Box), homemade naan, homemade beef jerky, vegan beef-style tagine, tongue tacos, and white bean […]

High Concept Tater Hotdish and Recipe Roundup

Green and red salad with cranberry vinaigrette, whole wheat impossible pumpkin pie, savory bread pudding, high concept tater tot hotdish, […]