Chef Camp Announces 2017 Chef Lineup

Chef Camp’s 2017 chef-instructor lineup includes Erik Sather, Yia Vang, Vincent Francoual, Kathy Yerich, and Jason Engelhart.

The Craftsman of Yore is No More

For many in the greater Longfellow neighborhood, the Craftsman was a low-key beacon of good taste. Under new ownership, it has sailed in a new direction.

Heavy Table Hot Five: Jan. 26-Feb. 3

The Hot Five celebrates some killer ramen at a French restaurant in St. Paul, baked oysters at the newly opened Red Rabbit, and more.

Heavy Table Hot Five: Nov. 4-10

A lingonberry tartlet from FireLake Grill, Summit’s new Unchained Series #23 beer (a coffee milk stout), croissants at Meritage and more on the Hot Five.

Sunday blackboard at Meritage

Sunday Suppers at The Bachelor Farmer, Lucia’s, and Meritage

Sunday suppers at The Bachelor Farmer, Lucia’s, and Meritage are an occasion to enjoy a good prix fixe meal and regroup for the week ahead.