Mirror Universe Hazy IPA by Fair State

James Norton / Heavy Table

Not all hazy IPAs are alike. There has been a glut of them on the market lately, and a lot of that can be chalked up to their novelty: What was once viewed as a brewer’s error has been embraced as a stylistic choice that fills the drinker’s mouth with a sometimes funky blast of juicy flavor.

The latest local hazy IPA release (in a can, at least) is by Fair State, and it’s called Mirror Universe. It’s a bit wet-and-juicy, but it’s not a tidal wave, and while some hazy IPAs luxuriate in mango or pineapple richness, this one is comparatively restrained. There’s some bite and some astringency, but overall it’s a fairly minimalist example of its style with a lingering but mellow bite that follows each sip. It’s reasonably strong at 7 percent ABV, but like most hazy IPAs, you’re not likely to pound this beer. It’s a sipper.

James Norton / Heavy Table

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James Norton

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