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Sandra Sherva and Max Okray of Savory Bake House

The team of Max Okray and Sandra Sherva at Savory Bake House produce humble yet creatively executed pastries that have become neighborhood essentials.

The Hi-Lo Diner in Cooper, Minneapolis

A charming diner car atmosphere, sweet and savory options, and a chef-y touch to humble American fare – welcome to the neighborhood Hi-Lo Diner.

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table

Nettie Colon & the Persistent Pop-up

For Chef Nettie Colon of the Red Hen Gastrolab pop-up series, every pop-up is an experiment.

Milkweed Editions

In Winter’s Kitchen by Beth Dooley

In Winter’s Kitchen is a poignant trip down food memory lane and an inspiring field trip to the farms and factories of the people who are trying to change our food system.

Katie Cannon / Heavy Table

Peace Coffee’s Alchemy Series Revisited

The latest coffee in Peace Coffee’s Alchemy series tells a story of war and peace and human interconnectedness.