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The Craftsman of Yore is No More

For many in the greater Longfellow neighborhood, the Craftsman was a low-key beacon of good taste. Under new ownership, it has sailed in a new direction.

Brunch at the Pig & Fiddle in Edina

Pig and Fiddle is serving up one of the best (and least-known) brunches in Southwest Minneapolis, with an emphasis on savory favorites.

The Grain Expectations of Casey Holley

Able Seedhouse + Brewery is bringing a passion for beer (not so unusual these) and small-batch malted grains (quite unusual) to its new operation in Northeast Minneapolis.

The Veggie Taco at Taco Cat in Midtown Global Market

The veggie taco at Taco Cat in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis is designed to appeal not just to vegetarians but to any lover of flavor.

Sandra Sherva and Max Okray of Savory Bake House

The team of Max Okray and Sandra Sherva at Savory Bake House produce humble yet creatively executed pastries that have become neighborhood essentials.