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After nine years of daily publication from February 2009 to June 2018, the Heavy Table is on hiatus. Read: Clearing […]

The Next Two Years of Heavy Table Hosting: Brought to You By Bite Squad

The only restaurant delivery experts at Bite Squad will be supporting the next two years of content hosting for Heavy Table.

Desert Island Top 10: James Norton

James Norton, Heavy Table’s editor, weighs in with his Top 10 Desert Island Dishes from Minneapolis-St. Paul (and shares tasting notes).

Announcing North Coast Nosh 2018 at the Food Building

The North Coast Nosh, the Upper Midwest’s leading artisan sip-and-sample event, is back! We’ll be sampling coffee, bread, beer, cheese, and more at the Food Building on Mar. 29.

The 2017 Minnesota State Fair Food Tour

Reviews of all the new foods (and then some) at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair, written by the 11-person Heavy Table Wrecking Crew.