August 28 Tweet Rodeo

So much is going on in these last few weeks of summer! @SurdyksLiquor offers a “Heart Healthy” sale through tomorrow, @BoutiqueWines hosts their last tapas night of the season tonight, and @StephMarch relates Lenny Russo’s concerns for Heartland’s ability to survive potential St. Paul legislation. Meanwhile, @LeeZukor reminds us of the importance of eating local at the state fair, @MidwestDairy posts a picture of the just-completed Princess Kay sculpture, and @HotDishBlog envies our team’s forays into all the food the fair has to offer — check out our Twitter page to stay up-to-date!

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Maja Ingeman

The daughter of an artist and a music teacher, Maja spent much of her childhood traveling the country in a rusty old van, attempting to model all of her father’s salable jewelry at the same time, and sampling the many edibles available both on the road and at the art fairs they visited. Though she now lives in Minneapolis, the coffee addiction and love for food that she picked up en route to one of their many destinations never left her. Between marketing work in the medical device industry and poring over the Harvard Business Review, she can typically be found holed up in her kitchen, baking bread every weekend and experimenting in between.

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