Yumzar: It’s More Than a Store, It’s a Community

yumzar-products-topperThis post is sponsored by Yumzar.com.

Imagine shopping for your favorite farmers market products from the comfort of your own home any day and anytime you want. Then imagine everything being shipped to your front door or to your family and friends. That’s what inspired Minnesotans Abbey Smalley, Steven Lauder, and Michael Otto to bring together a curated collection of the very best artisan-made local products to foodies with the new site Yumzar.com.

Each product is hand-picked and taste-tested before it ever hits the site. “All three of us love going to the farmers markets and supporting local food producers, but it was a tough winter and it just seemed like people needed more accessible options. Our solution was to make local products available online and ship them to your front door,” Lauder said.

yumzar-producersThe inaugural collection is all Minnesota-made, and foodies can purchase a variety of foods from brands like Butcher & The Boar, Bare Honey, Gray Duck Chai, cookies from Sue Zelickson, baked goods from Sunrise Bakery, and many more. Browsing the site is like walking through stalls in a farmers market, all brought together in a gourmet setting.


Yumzar.com features products in several categories from over 30 Minnesota producers and currently has over 100 different items for sale. Behind every product is a profile of the producer that highlights their passion for the food that they create by hand. The site also features recipes that highlight the items found on Yumzar.com and bring out the very best flavors of these fine products.

“There’s something special about knowing your food was made by a person with a big dream in a small kitchen and not by a large, industrial machine,” Smalley said. Lauder echoed this sentiment, explaining that the focus of Yumzar is on its producers. “Our goal is to be more than just a place to buy great products,” Lauder said. “We want to remind buyers that behind these great products are their neighbors — working hard to make their dream a reality.”

Yumzar truly brings you an online farmers market stocked with artisan food goods made by hand and not machine. Yumzar is dedicated to the skill, craftsmanship, and flavor found in foods made with passion and only the finest ingredients. A celebration of regional flavors, pantry favorites, and slight indulgences.

Yumzar is proud to feature all Minnesota-made products in its inaugural collection and plans to add collections from across the country as the site grows. To purchase products visit Yumzar.com.