Today’s Newsletter: Tomatoes, Indian-American Pizza, and More

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Mixologist John Fladd solves your tomato surplus problem!

A review of Bombay Pizza Kitchen (Eden Prairie’s second Indian-American pizza restaurant, after Pizza Karma)!

The debut edition of Heavy Table 2.0’s Hot Five Feature, excerpted below!

Plus a great deal more.


The Tailgater Pizza at Glacier Rock in Baraboo, WI

“Bacon, cheddar brats, cheese curds, and more cheese.” As a Wisconsinite, this pizza description was enough for me to grab one of these pies from Glacier Rock in Baraboo, WI. It’s a greasy mess that comes together and the kind of slice you’d relish with a few lagers. The brat slices are nice and thin, the bacon savory, and the cheese isn’t overwhelming. Bite after bite screamed “Wisconsin.”  – Louis Livingston-Garcia


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