Thom Pham’s Wondrous Azian Kitchen Now Without “Wanderers”

The Downtown Journal posts the new name of Thom Pham’s new restaurant downtown: “Thom Pham’s Wondrous Azian Kitchen.” This smells like it might be related to the Stephanie Pituc piece from a week-and-a-half ago: “How Wanderers Wonderous Azian Kitchen was Named.”


  1. gcr391

    Question? what comes first, in getting a food or liquor license?
    No not the license. Ah, Hearings for the public to let people voice their opinion,to let a business operate or not. Thom’s case
    he got his license on July 21,2010, from the MPLS City Council,
    courtesy of Mayor Rybak.. Mayor Rybak signed a license without
    public hearings. Tom owns state back taxes and involved with a name dispute, in which he has not removed from the front overhead.
    Oh by the way the Mpls city council will have their hearing about
    his new restaurant on August 9, 2010 finally, How can you have a opening party on the Aug. 10, when you cant even buy liquor yet?

  2. Aaron Landry


    I already moderated your outrageous, non-factual, and disrespectful attack comment from July 30th. Our site does not tolerate that kind of garbage.

    As for the issues raised in the above comment, we contacted city hall. The liquor license was approved by council on 7/23/2010. The mayor’s office requested an early signing by the mayor. This isn’t an uncommon practice. Many of the council offices do it for businesses in their wards. Due to the timeframe, this is expected.

    Sgt Markstrom of the Minneapolis Police Licensing Division reviewed and approved the application after conducting criminal and financial background investigations.

    It was at the Regulatory Energy and Environment committee on 7/12/10. A public hearing was not required because the premise already held a liquor license. The hearing on August 9th is for the sidewalk cafe. All sidewalk cafe licenses are required to come before council for public hearings.

    Before you continue to recklessly throw stones at Thom Pham, I’m curious if you could shed some light on the situation with Wanderers Garden. They seem to have more selling-to-minors violations racked up than anyone else in Minnetonka. To my understanding, you would be the right person to answer questions about this.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you have anything to say about Wanderers Garden:


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