Horgen’s Lyndale Love Letter

Nightlife columnist Tom Horgen takes a brief break from pounding shots of rail tequila to pen a passionate apologia for the Lyndale Tap House, calling out the “just bloggers” who went after it. His theory: a few weeks post-opening is too early for snarky remarks. How about this as a proposal, Tom Horgen: As food […]


August 14 Tweet Rodeo

What’s the ultimate refreshing snack for summer @Rick_Bayless has it right — tequila-avocado ice (recipe included). If you prefer your booze and fruit (yes, avocado is a fruit) separate, @Metro_Mag hosts a GuacOff next week for your guac fix, and @DeRushaJ has an interesting run-in with “Cabo Wabo.” @CommonRoots reminds us that Garlic Fest is […]