Summit Horizon Red Ale

Apr. 28 Morning Roundup

Zimmern calls for a public castration of restaurant no-shows (which we endorse), Emily is gathering people together for a Pedal Pub ride, Mag and Kris hit the Between the Bluffs Beer, Wine and Cheese Festival and chintz out on the wine and cheese, Metro gives lunch at Porter & Frye a “B” (corrected for their […]


Comment of the Day

“Princtonian, you have posited many good arguments here and have dropped a lot of knowledge, but the Warren Sapp-type gambit (“PUT ON A JERSEY! ┬áTHEN YOU CAN HAVE AN OPINION”) is just dismissiveness masquerading as pertinence.” [Jason B, from the raging debate on the cancellation of the Four Firkins Horizon Red sneak peek]