June 1 Recipe Roundup

Apparently, a three-day weekend plus ripe rhubarb equals a recipe avalanche. Cantonese chicken stir fry, chewy cookies with oatmeal and toffee bits, mushroom leek ragu, Italian- (not Range-) inspired porchetta, hoisin and sugar snap peas tofu, Bluegrass Iced Tea, oregano green beans, sunshine cake, rhubarb chutney, sour cream cornmeal pancakes with blueberry rhubarb compote, pork […]


October 13 Tweet Rodeo

Do your stir-fries get a metallic taste? @Rick_Bayless recommends re-seasoning your wok, @LeeZukor links to @Tangled_Noodle’s latest article on @Aebleskiver, @ObamaFoodorama provides an extended commentary and summary on Larry King’s CNN coverage of the tainted meat saga, and @KatieBips and @BakeSpace provide ideas for cooking squash.