St. Paul Summer Beer Fest

June 23 Morning Roundup

Rachel reviews Ringo (“I’d rather see a restaurant do fewer things and do them well”), Well Fed Guide to Life interviews the Gastro Non Grata guys about their upcoming Vagabond Vacation show, WCCO’s list of 10 best pizza spots near the U of M includes Domino’s and Papa John’s (raising the question: What didn’t make […]


June 17 Morning Roundup

An abridged love letter to pie, the New York Times writes up Holy Land and its creative hummus, P.O.S. visits an NYC-based food videocast, Brewing TV visits Summit, the brewery list for the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest, South 12th drums up some good non-tonic-based gin cocktails, a friendly write-up in the Strib for the […]


June 30 Morning Roundup

A Beer Musings wrap-up of the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest, a terrific Wall Street Journal article featuring Duluth’s white-hot Nokomis (link will expire), a curious sauceless, cheeseless potato-bedecked pizza from breadbasketcase, Tom of Martha and Tom tackles Minnesota-style pizza (does it really exist?), Mayor Rybak makes the case for tap water on his blog, […]