Pumpkin Turnovers and Recipe Roundup

Cherry berry breakfast smoothie, Kavalierspitz, Sweet Cornmeal Cake and a farewell from Tangled Noodle, mushroom agnolotti, chocolate cake de luxe, garam masala vegan dip (I prefer mine plain, but different strokes, etc.), tacos de lengua and Satan’s Whiskers, Halloween baking, pumpkin turnovers, and Minnesota gubernatorial recipes.


Neighborhood Pumpkin Grab and October 20 Tweet Rodeo

@SPClassicCookie offers a dozen free cookies for some social media love, @SurdyksLiquor announces the upcoming NE Neighborhood Pumpkin Grab, @ModernCafeMpls promotes Thursday’s Ritz Theater benefit, @PerennialPlate jumps on the @TravailKitchen bandwagon, @TCFOODFINDS jokes about starting a “Whino” group, and @France44Cheese offers a free brownie for the St. Paul Cheese Shop mayor on Foursquare.


Pumpkin Spice Lattes and October 18 Tweet Rodeo

@CafeCyan makes a pumpkin spice latte (this one will beat the syrup-loaded Starbucks version any day), @Princetons offers Deschutes six packs on sale for their beer of the month, @PerennialPlate makes apple cider sans the traditional press — yes, it’s doable, @SewardCoop launches P6 locally, and @France44Cheese seeks advice for cooking eggs sous vide.