Nick and Eddie’s

Tanpopo’s Bento Taro and Morning Roundup

The always excellent Tanpopo is offering a lunchtime bento option called Bento Taro (eight box minimum order; on twitter as @bentotaroMN), an “Evening at the World Championship Cheese Contest” event in Madison [PDF with details], thoughts on the Crispin purchase by Miller, there’s a cool-looking local food-based webcomic called Cocotte coming up, a blah review […]


July 29 Morning Roundup Part II

Teddy praises the “B” of Nick and Eddie’s CBLT, Tom of MarthaandTom makes a vibrant summer slaw that may or may not be a rip-off of Blackbird Cafe‘s chicken salad (let’s just call it a variation), Shefzilla suggests that restaurant reviewers share their general likes and dislikes alongside their reviews, the Surly Draft Truck debuts […]


July 17 Morning Roundup

Camacho Watcho celebrates 200 posts, how to learn to love hot peppers and / or co-exist with a mynah bird, apparently “crackeroon” isn’t a racial slur, tongue and cheek (to eat) at Nick and Eddie’s, and we erred in our post about Nick Kosevich’s new place — it’s Distill, not Instill.