May 13 Tweet Rodeo

@RedStagNE promotes the Land Stewardship Project’s Saturday event, @France44Cheese gives a discount on all things French, @MuffulettaCafe offers “Tender Prices for Tough Times,” and @SmashburgerMSP celebrates National Burger Month with free fries.


Open Thread: Dessert after Breakfast

Is there ever a call to offer dessert menus after diners have finished breakfast or brunch? Who in this world orders a restaurant-sized breakfast — which could, of course, include a syrup and fruit-bedecked order of mega-thick French toast — and then turns around and orders a brownie sundae? Highland Grill and Muffuletta both do […]


Parasole’s Tiny Treats

$2.50 now buys a shot-glass sized dessert at Salut, Figlio, Muffuletta or the Good Earth. Available during lunches on weekdays, the mini-desserts are a shrewd marketing move: just try to resist when a rack of shot glasses full of assorted goodies is waved in your direction.