#Meatloaf and October 25 Tweet Rodeo

@MarthaandTom call @PunchPizza on their lack of a public recycling bin, @YoungChef2 urges you to vote for the next recipients of the James Beard Foundation Award, @Celebr8nGenr8n gets challenged to a throw-down, @SweetMsFarm has a few half hogs available for order, @BlueOxCoffeeCo wants to know where to buy good demitasse and cappuccino cups, and @KateNtheKitchen […]


Red Lobster to Acquire Oceanaire

Happy April Fool’s Day. Zimmern posts some thoughtful words about the “sliding scale” that cuts local restaurants slack versus comparable operations on either coast, Kris proposes the craft-brew driven Beer Bank in a vacant bank location in Eagan, a Chowhound talks up Date Night at the Red Stag, and Jonesinforfood celebrates a meatless meatloaf recipe.