September 1 Morning Roundup

Lions Tap is apparently suing McDonald’s over its “who’s your patty?” catchphrase, Green Your Plate attains peach-almond-cherry nirvana, Shore Lunch-breaded walleye at Heart Spoon, apparently some people call Eggs in a Frame “Egg in a Nest,” The Captain’s Chair loves Stub and Herb’s (and Lift Bridge Minnesota Tan), The Food Court still digs Meritage, and […]


May 21 Morning Roundup

Rick Nelson has a crush on Smashburger, camarones enchipotlados over at Camacho Watcho, Teddy digs Brasa’s chicken creole sandwich, Philip Dorwart celebrates the birth of his daughter (mazel tov!) and kneecaps McDonald’s, Bill Roehl checks out Ramy’s Pizzeria in Apple Valley, the Strib reprints an interesting list of 129 sins that restaurants often commit via […]