Pumpkin Spice Lattes and October 18 Tweet Rodeo

@CafeCyan makes a pumpkin spice latte (this one will beat the syrup-loaded Starbucks version any day), @Princetons offers Deschutes six packs on sale for their beer of the month, @PerennialPlate makes apple cider sans the traditional press — yes, it’s doable, @SewardCoop launches P6 locally, and @France44Cheese seeks advice for cooking eggs sous vide.


December 2 Tweet Rodeo

Own an espresso machine? Try making one of @CHOW_com’s seasonal lattes, score a free happy hour beverage from the @BarbetteMpls / @BryantLakeBowl / @RedStagNE trifecta if you’re their Four Square mayor, @MSPMag links to Zimmern’s lemon pound cake recipe, @JamButter compares the way we cook today to 1985, and @France44Cheese hosts Colin of Rogue Chocolatier […]