Kieran Folliard

Bacon Shortage and Morning Roundup

Rick loves Foxy, it’s a bad year for apples, Cowboy Slims rides off into the sunset, a look at the Better Beer Society, beer as urban renewal engine, GMO corn helped save (some of) the harvest, bacon shortage? (What?!) Iggers on The Kenwood and Gray House, more on the Folliard-Phillips food hub, and photos from […]


Mike Phillips on Green Ox, His New Meat Company

Chef Mike Phillips has built a strong local reputation in recent years for his work at the Craftsman, particularly for putting together what many consider the best charcuterie plate in the Upper Midwest, and among the best in the country. Now, he’s leaving the Craftsman and going into business with Kieran Folliard, whose Cara Pubs […]