Java Train

March 22 Tweet Rodeo

In celebration of Joe Mauer’s contract extension, @JavaTrain offers cheap @IzzysIceCream, while @TCFOODFINDS quantifies the number of lunch specials or happy hours his latest salary could buy; @CoffeeBrigade urges baristas to “EARN their tips,”@RealFoodMN seeks kombucha beyond the grocery store, and @PunchPizza offers a $3 “March Madness” coupon and (via @S4xton) a free pizza voucher.


February 9 Tweet Rodeo

Did yesterday’s traffic and icy roads send you into a fender bender? @JavaTrain wants to make you feel better with a free beverage, @LocalDlish reschedules their new gluten-free bread delivery,@MSPmagEats recommends Lindey’s Prime for steak and hashbrowns, @CameoApples does the math on their apple yield per acre, and butter gains a new feline audience — […]


September 22 Tweet Rodeo

Here’s a healthy (and unfermented) recipe for cabbage, courtesy of @CafeCyan, @Bradstreet601 unveils their new drinks for autumn today with the help of Toby Maloney and Jason Cott, @JavaTrain is both participating in Church of the Holy Childhood’s “Taste of Como” Oktoberfest and looking for a breakfast cook, @CommonRoots will cook and donate a local […]