Hen of the Woods

BARS Bakery and September 13 Tweet Rodeo

Want a high-end veggie restaurant in the cities? Sound off to @YoungChef2, @BARSBakery (former Swede Hollow Cafe owner Sandi Younkin’s latest project)¬†opens its doors, @FoxyFalafel dreams of owning a food truck, @SewardCoop offers fresh hen of the woods mushrooms for your cooking pleasure, and @DandelionKtchn posts their schedule for the week.


September 30 Morning Roundup

Mayor Rybak praises the expansion of Holy Land Deli (which snagged a city small business loan), Channel 12 visits Surly [via MNBeer], three seven fails to enjoy some expensive Hen of the Woods mushrooms, the controversy over SweeTango apples and their limited licensing, Rachel takes an etiquette class, Cocina Latina is the name of the […]