HellBurgers in Duluth is Closed

As per a comment in this morning’s roundup and confirmed by the HellBurgers website, the Duluth branch of Hell’s Kitchen is no more. The second location of Hell’s Kitchen struggled from the outset, reinventing itself as a burger place early this year. (Read our initial review.)


May 18 Morning Roundup

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January 25 Morning Roundup

A first look at the Galaxie Diner in Apple Valley, the current and future wanderings of Tosca’s Adam Vickerman, Cafe Maude’s Aaron Slavicek is out and Burke Forster is in, long thoughtful musings on Julia Child and Bouef Bourguignon, some great new back-and-forth in the comments about Duluth’s Hell’s Kitchen-owned HellBurgers, tuna salad with soul […]