November 18 Recipe Roundup

Purple cabbage soup, baked quinoa casserole with baby potatoes and cheese, pizza della prima colazione della patata (“pretty much tasted like a giant-sized hash brown”), a party season mocktail, pumpkin praline pie, Cape Cod Cranberry Muffins, roasted cauliflower and orzo salad, and “dirty” guacamole.


August 14 Tweet Rodeo

What’s the ultimate refreshing snack for summer @Rick_Bayless has it right — tequila-avocado ice (recipe included). If you prefer your booze and fruit (yes, avocado is a fruit) separate, @Metro_Mag hosts a GuacOff next week for your guac fix, and @DeRushaJ has an interesting run-in with “Cabo Wabo.” @CommonRoots reminds us that Garlic Fest is […]


GuacOff ’09

Hell of an ambitious guacamole-focused competition being put together by Metro Magazine. Five-person teams will use basic guac ingredients supplied by the contest — plus three secret ingredients — to make guac for the 200 fans present, who will each pay $20 for the privilege of attending and eating. Team registration deadline is Aug. 10; […]